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Selamat datang di tempat pencarian aplikasi & game terbaru & terpopuler untuk make a city game. Tap to build a city and develop it! Grow your very own tiny town into a bustling virtual city! Build houses, earn money, upgrade structures, hire more workers to help, and even construct ANOTHER city in this combination clicker and city building game! Earn achievements create a blooming business; boost your economy and MORE! Become a City Builder, build buildings and upgrades them with our awesome upgrades! Accumulate money and construct houses even when you are away offline! Log in often to watch your city’s development and head it the right way! Do you like idle games? What about city builder games? Are you ready to make something special? FEATURES: • Click and tap to build a house! • Make it grow into an impressive city! • Hire more workers! • Unlock new houses and city buildings and grow! • Maintain the town! Watch the balance of different structure types! • Use science and upgrade to increase structure efficiency! Do away with inefficacies! • Attract construction specialists from different fields! • Get stars for each level you complete. Di bawah kamu dapat mendownload list aplikasi top dan exciting yang berkaitan dengan make a city game. Dengan aplikasi {{ tag2 }}, henpon dan tablet kita akan jauh lebih berguna dari sebelumnya.