Piano Harmony MIDI Studio Pro

Piano Harmony MIDI Studio Pro

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We access you a main official website for app download. 20,000+ users downloaded Piano Harmony Studio latest version on 9Apps for free every week! It is the app that defined the best for a generation. This hot app was released on 2014-10-28. Why not download and have a try?
Never need sheet music again. Chord any song in minutes and hear and fine-tune you creations.
Unlock the mystery of playing by ear and find out what that is really about. Anybody can do it, it is not a gift, we expose it all in our material.
Then print a visual representation of your chords that anybody can play!
Create beautiful re-harmonizations and chord progressions for your favorite songs and sound like a pro. Works on any musical genre Jazz, gospel, contemporary, etc. Watch our amazing videos of this app in action.
Gregory Moody the owner of Creative Music is the cousin of NEA Jazz Master and 2011 Grammy Award recipient JAMES MOODY.
This app will take your musicianship to the next level no matter what your experience level. I am sure you have all heard beautiful renditions of songs played differently from how they were originally written and you wondered where all of those gorgeous chord changes come from.
Now you can do it yourself with this app. Take something as simple as jingle bells and turn it into something beautiful with advanced chord changes that you would expect to hear only from someone with years of experience and training. Now you can play those advanced chords i.e. 6,9b5, 13sus, #9#5, 11b9, Maj 13, tritones, etc......
Now you can take these chords and include them in your own playing.
Use chord voicings by music legends (Stevie Wonder, Brian McKnight, Herbie Hancock, etc.) in your own re-harmonizations!
OVER 12000 advanced chords are available
This is the only course that focuses 100% on Harmony and can be applied to any instrument!
There is no other course like it on the planet. You can be playing in months and not years. We are now in over 100,000 students in over 40 countries.
This is not a Chord Dictionary. This is a digital harmonizer based on proprietary algorithms and a system that is currently US Patent Pending, allowing chords to easily fit together like kids building blocks. We are a music technology and research company re-inventing music education that has not changed in hundreds of years.
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