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Fotografi | 2.8MB | Perbarui: 2018-11-05 | Versi: 1.1 | Butuh: Android2.2 or later

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With the development of technology, more and more apps appeared in the mobile market. 20,000+ users downloaded PhotoWrite Free latest version on 9Apps for free every week! Fortunately, It's easy to get this popular app. This hot app was released on 2013-07-29. Hope you will like this amazing app!
Using this app you can write on a photo a single instance of text and a signature.User can move, orient and zoom each of these added items on the photo.This free app will have watermark of PhotoWrite and ads.Note:on Paid version Will not have the watermarkNo adsUser can write text and signature multiple timesUser can write time and location which can also be captured at the time of taking the photo through the appUser can share the photo with others using social networks The following describes the full functionality app use cases and features:Use Cases of App:It can be used in all situationsoccasions where the photo needs to tell everything.No need for any additional tags, text, email, explanation, etc. which are usually annexed to a photo.1.Personal Greetingswith your signature2.Personal congratulatory messageswith your signature3.Personal invitationswith your signature4.Complaints to civic agencieswith location address, date and time5.Accidentswith location address, date and time6.Events, Conferences, College, University, etc.with location address, date and time7.Traveloguewith location address, date and time8.Proof of DeliveryDocumentBillReceipt with signature from client 9.Photo quotes10.Memorabilia with group of friends signing on a photo11.Photo of a celebrity with hisher signature on the photo..and many more situations.Imagination is the limitation.FunctionalityA Click a new photo or pick a photo from gallery.New photo taken through the app captures the date amp; time as well as location information if GPS is not enabled, user will be taken to settings.This feature is useful when user wants to take only photo and add the PhotoWrite elements later on.B Photo can be rotated to the desired orientation.C PhotoWrite elements that can be written with selectable font, color, thickness and through touch position, scale, orientation on the Photo:1.Text, SignatureThey can be added multiple times as needed2.Date amp; time picked or retrieved from the captured info when the new photo was taken 3.Location address along with Latitude and Longitude data picked or retrieved from the captured info when the new photo was taken If GPS is not enabled, user will be taken to settings.If the address shown is wrong, user may cancel and try again.Initially, PhotoWrite element is shown in a window where the text can be edited as required.Finally, the PhotoWrite element entered will be added to the photo at the top left corner. Drag the element and place it anywhere on the photo. You can also scale it up or down and rotate using Pinch actions. Undo deletes the last added element on the Photo.DShare : Share the photo with others using available services respective apps should have been installed on your device such asFacebookGmailTwitterInstagramMessagingWhatsappSkypePicassaGoogleGpixEvernoteNote Everythingetc.ESaving the photo:When a new photo is clicked the app saves the photo. Photo is also saved automatically upon sharing the photo or prompted to save at the time of quitting the app, if PhotoWrite elements have been added.App saves the photo in sdcardPhotoWrite directory with name format photowriteDDMMMYYHHMMSS.png.It also in sdcardPWClicked directory if the photo is clicked. Photo in PWClicked directory can be picked through gallery to makemany PhotoWrite outcomes as needed.NOTE:It is recommended to use the Camera with less than 3 MP resolutionAttribution:The Color Picker is attributed to Pascal Cans
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