London Bus & Tube Tracker

London Bus & Tube Tracker

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add nearby search type: bakery/library/locksmith/laundry(Ver134,2017/10/25)
Fixed bugs for not realtime updating arrival time(Ver1.127, 2017/10/16)
Add map search function for searching places on the map.(Ver1.121)
adjust GPS functions to reduce power consumption
fixed bugs for bus stop location on Google Map
update bus route data(2017/8/23)
add bus schedule querying function
exchange inbound/outbound direction


Nama File: com.goder.busquerysystemlon.1.135.apk

Perbarui: 2017-10-31

Versi: 1.135

Ukuran File: 8.4MB (8793287 bytes)

Butuh: Android2.3 or later

MD5: b7f68bd88ce1cd111159a629728bea27

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