DiscDj 3D Music Player - 3D Dj Music Mixer Studio

DiscDj 3D Music Player - 3D Dj Music Mixer Studio

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Musik & Audio | 14.7MB | Perbarui: 2019-06-05 | Versi: v4.007s | Butuh: Android4.0 or later

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There are hundreds of new apps released every week, 30,000+ users downloaded DiscDj latest version on 9Apps for free every week! It's not only an app it also teaches you how to use it. This hot app was released on 2019-04-02. And it takes your phone small room to run it.
DiscDj 3D Music Player is a music player with a super cool 3D DJ user interface in a virtual 3D world where the Dj machine is floating in the virtual area. This virtual dj app supports Android 2.3+
Experience a music player in the form of a virtual DJ mixer app where you can use it to do the DJ work in a party
Normally play continuous music where the dj shifts songs from one turntable / deck to another without any breaks
You can use anyone of the two turntables / decks as a normal music player.
DiscDj 3D Music Player is a music player with the looks and a lot of features of a real DJ. Its hard to get precise control over it as the screens are small but hope you will enjoy the mini DJ mixer app.
Key Features:-
* 3D DJ user interface like a real dj machine where the virtual dj machine is flying and where you can move around the virtual dj machine for seeing its beauty from different angles by just scrolling. Lock and reset feature is available at the top-right corner of the screen to reset to the original position
* Discs with album arts
* Central control to play/pause next/previous both the discs
* Autofade ( Automatic Crossfade ) with adjustable timer & ON/OFF feature
* Button click fade – it's like autofade on clicking the buttons
* Manual song shift slider / crossfader
* Mixer with playlist, equalizer, volume controls and many features
* Browse and play your music by albums, artists, folders, composers, genres, playlists, songs, more advanced browsing like albums of particular artist & genre
* First ever virtual dj app with 10 Band Equalizer - Under the Dj push-button-sliding, beautifully animated 10 Band Equalizer for Android 2.3+. 10 bands give you more precise control with more accuracy. 17 in-built presets in the equalizer - Classical, Club, Dance, Full Bass, Full Bass and Treble, Full Treble, Headphones, Large Hall, Live, Party, Pop, Reggae, Rock, Ska, Soft, Soft Rock & Techno
* Sampler Addon - 4 sets (Default, 808 Drum Kit, Drum Kit, Rise n Drop - each having 6 sound samples) with 3 modes of play - Play/Cut Play, Loop and Play/Stop
* Record - Record your performance / mixes / remixes / music with the record feature at the top-center of this dj app
* Pre-cueing / Pre-listening / Split Audio Output
* Pitch Slider
* Sound Effects / SFX
* Low Pass Filter & High Pass Filter
* 4 Hot Cues per turntable / deck
* Loop features - In/Out, Seconds & Reloop/Exit
* Cue Buttons
* Play/Pause Next/Previous per turntable / deck
* Shuffle / Play All / Play Single
DiscDj 3D Music Player adalah pemutar musik dengan antarmuka pengguna 3D DJ super keren di dunia 3D virtual di mana mesin Dj mengambang di area virtual. Aplikasi dj virtual ini mendukung Android 2.3+
Nikmati pemutar musik dalam bentuk aplikasi DJ mixer virtual di mana Anda dapat menggunakannya untuk melakukan pekerjaan DJ di sebuah pesta
Biasanya memutar musik terus menerus di mana dj menggeser lagu dari satu turntable / deck ke yang lain tanpa jeda
Anda dapat menggunakan salah satu dari dua turntable / deck sebagai pemutar musik biasa.
DiscDj 3D Music Player adalah pemutar musik dengan penampilan dan banyak fitur DJ sejati. Sulit untuk mendapatkan kontrol yang tepat karena layarnya kecil tapi harap Anda akan menikmati aplikasi mini DJ mixer.
Fitur Utama: -
* Antarmuka pengguna 3D DJ seperti mesin dj nyata tempat mesin dj virtual terbang dan tempat Anda dapat bergerak di sekitar mesin dj virtual untuk melihat keindahannya dari sudut yang berbeda hanya dengan menggulir. Fitur kunci dan reset tersedia di sudut kanan atas layar untuk mengatur ulang ke posisi semula
* Disk dengan seni album
* Kontrol pusat untuk memutar / jeda berikutnya / sebelumnya kedua disk
* Autofade (Automatic Crossfade) dengan fitur pengatur waktu & ON / OFF
* Tombol klik memudar - seperti autofade saat mengklik tombol
* Penggeser shift / crossfader lagu manual
* Mixer dengan playlist, equalizer, kontrol volume dan banyak fitur
* Jelajahi dan mainkan musik Anda berdasarkan album, artis, folder, komposer, genre, daftar putar, lagu, penjelajahan yang lebih maju seperti album artis & genre tertentu
* Aplikasi dj virtual pertama yang pernah ada dengan 10 Band Equalizer - Di bawah Dj push-button-sliding, 10 Band Equalizer indah untuk Android 2.3+. 10 band memberi Anda kontrol yang lebih tepat dengan akurasi lebih. 17 preset bawaan dalam equalizer - Klasik, Klub, Dansa, Bass Penuh, Bass dan Treble Penuh, Treble Penuh, Headphone, Aula Besar, Live, Party, Pop, Reggae, Rock, Ska, Soft, Soft Rock & Techno
* Sampler Addon - 4 set (Default, 808 Drum Kit, Drum Kit, Rise n Drop - masing-masing memiliki 6 sampel suara) dengan 3 mode permainan - Putar / Putar, Putar dan Putar / Stop
* Rekam - Rekam kinerja / campuran / remix / musik Anda dengan fitur rekam di bagian tengah atas aplikasi DJ ini
* Pre-cueing / Pra-mendengarkan / Split Audio Output
* Pitch Slider
* Efek Suara / SFX
* Filter Pass Rendah & Filter Pass Tinggi
* 4 Hot Cues per turntable / deck
* Fitur Loop - Masuk / Keluar, Detik & Reloop / Keluar
* Tombol Cue
* Mainkan / Jeda Berikutnya / Sebelumnya per turntable / deck
* Acak / Mainkan Semua / Mainkan Tunggal

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Yang terbaru

* 21:9, 19:9 etc Aspect Ratio Supported
* Click Action - Play, Load, Show Options
* Getting Started Guide Added
* Recording Fix while Pre-Cueing
* Pre-cueing / Split Audio Output
* Pitch Bend, Key Lock / Master Tempo
* 30+ Languages added to app - Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German etc.
* Bug Fixes
Audio Engine:
* Bass Smoother
* 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit, 64-bit Support
* Higher Sample Rate decoding support upto 384000 KHz tested

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