Conference Call Dialer

Conference Call Dialer

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Komunikasi | 3.3MB | Perbarui: 2019-01-24 | Versi: 1.9.3 | Butuh: Android4.0 or later

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With the updating of mobile application, 30,000+ users downloaded Conf Call Dialer latest version on 9Apps for free every week! With unexpected, recently it has become very popular in India. This hot app was released on 2019-01-24. If you want it so go head and download it and enjoy your app.
Quick and easy way to join conference calls (aka ATC, Audio Tele Conferencing, bridge calls or reservationless conferences in AT&T, Intercall) with a single touch of your screen. It's a must have especially for global corporations, used already by multiple Fortune 500 companies. Notifications work like a dream also with your Android Wear device, like LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live.
Conference Call Dialer is created for people who join multiple conference calls (sometimes called conf calls or simply conferences) in a day, especially while traveling (like driving a car, walking, jogging, etc) or working away from their computer. It reads data from your Android calendar and dials the proper gateway number providing also the conference code (participant access code), so that you don't need to memorize all the conference details. Conference calling has never being easier!
Additional recognition rules implemented for United States and United Kingdom . If you live in other countries and have challenges with CCD recognising phone numbers with default rules, please contact me!
For more details about how CCD discovers information, please see FAQ at
Conference Call Dialer is fully customisable, including waiting times, notification times, prefixes used to find conference codes, plus ability to define your own custom DTMF code to dial in.
Additionally there are widgets available that make it even easier to call directly from your smartphone home screen.
Thanks to Conference Call Dialer you will never again need to write down the participant code or search for the invitation in your mail. Everything is available right away at your finger tips. No need to create any external account (like with some other applications), it simply works the moment you download it to your device!
- Retrieve information about meetings from your calendar (outlook, gmail, etc)
- Dial into conference calls with conf code/participant code from the invitation - allows for selection if more than one conference code is found
- Manage and use multiple dial-in numbers/audio bridges (e.g. of your company and of your customers)
- Add and manage your favorite call numbers (including advanced DTMF setup per favorite)
- Widgets for the home screen for quick "My conference call" and "Join current meeting" actions
- Quickly join your own conference call
- Automatic import of bridge numbers for selected companies
- Notifications before the meeting (Android Wear friendly)
IMPORTANT - if your device has a "privacy guard" functionality included (e.g. CM 10.1+ builds), don't forget to white-list Conf Call Dialer. Otherwise you'll see no calendars on the calendar selection list.
Nitrodesk TouchDown users - unfortunately because Touchdown doesn't provide any way to access content of its calendar, you will not be able to use Conference Call Dialer to dial into meetings you have only in your Touchdown calendar.
Google Voice and Skype users - unfortunately neither Google Voice nor Skype handle pauses from external applications, so CCD will NOT be able to enter the conference code or leader pin if you are using Google Voice or Skype. Please provide feedback to Google and Microsoft that you are looking for that feature, maybe it will soften their hearts...
Note that Conference Call Dialer is not meant to host conference calls directly on your phone. You require a 3rd party gateway to use it.
Conference Call Dialer works with your device built-in calendars. If you are using 3rd party calendar applications (like Touchdown, IBM Lotus Notes or Samsung Knox) that don't expose their data as standard calendars, please sync their content with built-in calendar (like google).
Material design is available on lollipop devices, while older OSes get the holo light.
Photos thanks to courtesy of Steve Wilson -
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