Ayurvedic Plants and Herbs

Ayurvedic Plants and Herbs

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Ayurvedic Plants and Drugs - Traditional Indian Herbal Medicine.
This Application provides list of Ayurvedic Plants along with its details and image (picture) of each herb / herbal plant. Medicinal plants are plants which have a recognized medical use. They range from plants which are used in the production of mainstream pharmaceutical products to plants used in herbal medicine preparations. Ayurveda is used today as a generic term for traditional Indian medicine. By combining organoleptic (sense-based) empirical medicine with religious ritual perspectives, Ayurveda is a complete medical system. It deals with health in all its aspects; physical health, mental balance, spiritual well-being, social welfare, environmental considerations, dietary and lifestyle habits, daily living trends, and seasonal variations in lifestyle, as well as treating and managing specific diseases. Ayurveda teaches respect for nature, appreciation of life and the means to empower the individual. It is holistic medicine at its best. Ayurvedic herbal is an overview of the wonders of ayurvedic pharmacology: how Ayurveda understands plants, how it prepares them and how these preparations are used. Ayurveda is literally translated as science of life but it can also be described as the way of living with awareness and promoting longevity. Ayurveda tells us which substances, qualities and actions are life enhancing, and which are not.
- No Internet connectivity required.
- Medicinal use for each medicinal plant. - Free to use application.
- Application will be updated if internet connection is there (Optional).
- Easy search option to find plants/herbs you are interested in.
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