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Take a tour of your gallery, made from your photos and other images from your phone. See how your images looks in a stylish interior. Decide what will be feeling during the tour by changing the the brightness and colors of lights. If you get tired of seeing one image, just touch it and it will be immediately changed to another.
Virtual Photo Gallery is a wallpaper that displays your gallery with 3D graphics and advanced method of lighting calculation. You decide how your gallery will look like, due that you have access to change many parameters. You can change the number of displayed images, the brightness and style of lighting, folders where are images taken from, etc.
Note: this wallpaper uses OpenGL ES 2.0 and advanced lighting techniques in 3D calculation, so it is not recommended for devices with a weaker graphics performance. If you have a slower machine it is better to set the low-quality images, and set their number to minimum.



Versi: 1.6.2

Butuh: Android2.3 or later


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