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------ Acknowledgments -------
I have collected all of your comments, reports, email of appreciation and criticism. I have collected all of your suggestions, most of which I have implemented in this new version (1.3).
For all suggestions that have failed to implement, I refer you to the next version (1.4) that is already in the works.
Would remind you that for more details or ideas to make the app more efficient is always available to my mail
Another thanks to everyone.
This application was required, designed and developed by all of you. This release, like the others, have been designed and developed by following to your suggestions. L 'app has been extensively tested with a group of people with different phones. But you may have missed a few "bug", so before you entering a negative comment, please write to my mail
the problem. I will resolve it as soon as possible.
Many thanks for your cooperation.
Thanks for the messages. All will be taken into account and applied as soon as possible. I remind you that for more details or ideas to make the most efficient app is available
my mail. Another thanks to all.
ATTTENTION! It may not work on rooted phones
The continuous use of mobile data network on the phone is the primary cause, after the screen, the consumption of battery.
For display there are appropriate optimizations that can be performed directly on the mobile phone, for mobile data network, is no possible. Smart Battery Saver optimizes the use of cellular data network because there is an increase of the life of your battery.
So Samrt Battery Saver is a manager automatic data network aimed at saving the battery.
The features of the app are listed below
already present in the version (1.2.3)
Custom presets
Adjusting the activity time and network inactivity
Setting the time when the phone goes into "sleep mode" on data network
Application set for each preset, both personal and weekly. In this mode the data network is activated at the start if the application is not active.
News in the version (1.3)
Weekly programming totally configurable.
Convenience function to copy from one preset to another day of the week or every other day.
Possibility to deactivate / activate notifications
Convenient widget with which you can monitor the battery status of the network and the program.
Function 30 minutes - the network stays on for 30 minutes
Function 60 minutes - the network stays on for 60 minutes
Average Battery Drain
Hours Battery drain
List View hourly with:
Charge Level
State of Charge
Daily Graphic display charge level
Daily Graphic display temperature
Daily Graphic display voltage battery
Battery life estimates based on the average daily consumption
Management threshold battery (disable the network permanently)
Ability to keep the network up when the phone is charging.
Blacklist feature to turn off the connection to a list of app.
Contextual help completely revised
Turning off the data network when WiFi is active.
Ability to turn on network at screen active and to turn off network at screen off



Versi: 2.0.1

Butuh: Android2.3.3 or later


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