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These are very useful Physics Formulas that serve as a quick reference.
With this application you can use your travel time to study, or just have it as a quick reference when needed.
This includes topics:
Introduction to physics
Relative deviation, Prefixes, Units for Area and Volume
Force and Motion
1. Average Speed, Velocity, Acceleration, Equation of linear motion
2. Finding velocity, Finding Acceleration, Graph of motion
3. Momentum, Newton's first law
4. Newton second and third law, Impulse, Gravitational field strength, Weight
5. Vertical Motion, Lifts
6. Lifts
7. Pulleys, Vectors
8. Inclined plane, Forces in equilibrium
Energy, Power and Work
1.Work done
2. Energy, Power and efficiency
1. Hooke's law
2. Density, Pressure, Gas Pressure
3. Pressure in a capillary tube, Barometer
4. Pascal's principle, Archimedes principle
1. Heat, Boyle's law, Pressure law
2. Charles's law
1. Refractive index
2. Lens
3. Astronomical Telescope, Compound Microscope
1. Wave, Interference
2. Oscillation, Displacement time and distance graph
1. Sum of charge, Current
2. Potential difference,Resistance
3. Potential and potential difference
4. Electromotive force and internal resistance, Electrical Energy
5. Electrical Power, Efficiency
6. Electric Charges and fields
7. Capacitance
8. Current, Resistance
9. Inductive and RCL circuits
10. AC Circuits
1. Electromagnetism
2. Transformers
3. Magnetism
Electronics, Cathode ray oscilloscope
Useful for IIT JEE, AIEEE, etc.
It also has formulas for College Grade/Higher Grade Students/School Students.
The app is suitable for all levels of physics from high school to university and beyond.
Helps in all the following ways:
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