PhotoSync (Sync to Picasa)

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PhotoSync is tool for sync photos to Picasa(Google Photos). though limited, you can sync videos too.You can also sync photos among multi devices via Picasa.
At first, select local folder and Picasa album you want to sync. Then, PhotoSync detects added photos and upload automatically.
In the other hand, PhotoSync watching registered folder at fixed interval. If PhotoSync find photos not uploaded yet, upload the photos automatically.
Of course you can upload photos not only automatically but also manually.
Sync method is 4 pattern. "Android to Picasa","Picasa to Android","Complement" and "Bidirectional". You can choice sync method you want.
You can save device/Google Photos space to resize photos.
If you resize photos in predetermined size, you can use unlimited space in Google Photos. If you are Google+ user, the size is 2048 pixel. if you are not Google+ user, the size is 800 pixel.
** This app is trial version. So you can choose only "Android to Picasa" for sync setting. And you can't use "Resize" function. To use all function, you need to install "PicasaSyncUnlocker". **
Try this!
[Restriction from App]
1. While syncing, auto upload will be disabled.
2. Rename file is not supported.
3. Subfolder is not synced.
[Restriction from Picasa API]
1. Max upload size is 100MB.
2. Downloading video from Picasa is not available.
3. You can upload photos up to 1000 in one album.



Versi: 1.40

Butuh: Android2.3 or later


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