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ON DISTANCE is a powerful and advance distance measuring set for quick distance estimation and measurement. It performs non-contact distance measurement by using camera and hardware sensors of device.

ON Distance combines the two most useful distance measuring modes in one app, which is Manual Distance and Auto Distance. Each measuring modes operate differently with a few significant features cater for your needs in different situation and occasion. It can also be used to measure object height and object length if you know the distance to the target object.

ON Distance is very useful especially for outdoor and sport activities. For example, measure the distance from wall to wall, distance to the golf stick, distance to the archery target, distance from home plate to the pitcher mound, distance to a building, distance to your friend, distance to a boat, height of any object, etc.

Manual Distance measure the distance to the target object with known length. You can also measure the length and dimension of target object if you know the distance to the object. For perfect accuracy, users are requested to do calibration only one time after the application is installed.

Auto Distance measure the distance to the target object automatically by aim the cameras at the base of the object. It works in camera live view. Auto Measure uses the height of the camera lens and its tilt angle to calculate the distance to the object. You can continue measure the height of object by lock the distance and aim the cameras at the top of target object. The only parameter required in this mode is the lens height, which is the height of your camera height to the base plane.

For more details information about how to use the app, please refer User Guide in this app.



Versi: 2.0

Butuh: Android2.2 or later


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