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"Image Resizer" is an application that supports image or picture resize( down scale ) so that you can save memory space of your device.
Nowadays, the smart phones have high resolution camera.
Additionally, there are many people who copy pictures taken by digital camera into the smart phone.
Even though the storage capacity is high enough by the technology advance, it is hard to keep really much amount of high quality pictures.
High capacity of flash memory is also very expensive :(
I recommend you to backup the original high quality pictures in your computer and save the memory space by image resizing.
( If you resize the images into reasonable size, people cannot notice the quality change on the smart phone display. )
You can resize several images at onece by one touch!
If the image size is shrinked, you can upload pictures on SNS, such as facebook, twitter, and instagram, faster while saving your mobile data.
Now it's time to say good bye to the slow smart phone because of lack of memory space.
Now stop agonizing what to delete because of lack of memory space.
Keep in mind again!
You can resize high quality images or picture into reasonable size and save much amount of memory space with "Image resizer".



Versi: 1.1.3

Butuh: Android4.0.3 or later


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