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FlipMycards proudly releases“Powerful , Speedy& Intuitive” joke phone book in Hindi with powerful tools.You can change size/space of fonts A per your need !Supports day and night mode and much more…down load and enjoyHumor helps to bring across messages to your partner, colleagues or family, it is not very surprising that it smoothens communication with other target groups &peers.The lifetime of jokes in vernacular language is very long and so read them freely and enjoy !A laugh is quite catchy, it's very contagious.Just one tiny snicker can start laughter outrageous!The jokes published are either folklore or are mere a translation from other languages available freely on internet . So there is no such copyright as the case may be. If you think by publishing a particular picture or article in this publicationyour copyright has been violated, or if any person is offended by any material in this publicationthen please send a mail to so we can remove the particular picture or that article from this publication.



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