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This remote control can replace your FreeAgents IRremote and allows entering text with your phones keyboard Only the most recent firmware version of TheaterGoFlex TV supports all features.If you have problems or suggestions, feel free to send me an email. Please enter comments only in english if you wish to help improve this app.This is not an official app for Seagate FreeAgent Theater or GoFlex TV devicesKnown issues: Some software keyboards are not compatible. So, if you have trouble try to use the android keyboard. Known to work: Android keyboard and compatible, Swype keyboard, Nuance XT9 keyboard e.g. Transformer Prime The FreeAgent cannot be turned on with the remote control. This is a limitation of the hardware design of the FreeAgent and GoLive devices. Text can only be entered in 39;one rush39;. Relocating the cursor and inserting text at another point is not working. This is a limitation of the FreeAgent. backspace worksPermissions:INTERNET:This is mandatory, as the remote has to access your local network to send commands to your FreeAgent.ACCESSWIFISTATE:This is used to check if Wifi is enabled and if not remind you to turn it on.VIBRATE:This is used to vibrate if a button of the remote is pressed.WRITEEXTERNALSTORAGE:This is currently not used, but needed for a future extension.



Versi: 0.2.2

Butuh: Android2.1 or later


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