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English Conversation is one of the best apps in its class. This amazing app developed by Dev IT Solutions is very useful & knowledge gaining for kids aged between 3 & 10. English Conversation App for Android also helps adults who wish to improve their hold over the global language English. Learning English language can sometimes be very tiring & frustrating if the App is not designed and developed to make it interesting. Taking this into consideration, Dev IT Solutions launches this extra ordinary way to learn English language in the form of an application. This wonderful app has per-recorded conversations used in day to day life. For e.g. a person explaining his son what a bank is and why he is going to the bank. Based on real life scenarios, this app teaches English language in wonderful ways to kids and adults. So to say, this is a must have English teaching android app available in the market.
Product feature :
1. Attractive User Interface
2. Eye Catching Animated Characters
3. Clear Sound Quality
4. Conversations On Many Different Topics
5. Real Life Conversations
6. In Depth Conversations
7. Knowledge Gaining App



Versi: 1.0.11

Butuh: Android2.2 or later


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