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A new type of file explorer app that lets you customize your file operation. SUMMARY On top of the standard functions of a file explorer, it is equipped with a unique UI, quot;Arch Swipe Modequot; quot;Arch Swing Modequot; lets you scroll through files by swiping your thumb in a fan shape, reducing the burden on your operating finger. It also allows customized file operation such as navigation of files and folders via flicks and gestures. The quot;ELECOM File Managerquot; offers a limited version with advertisements free of charge. For the additional charge of a license key paid license will deactivate these advertisements, and allow customization of flicks and gestures. FEATURE 4 types of list displays, such as Arch Swipe ModeIt is equipped with quot;Arch Swipe Modequot;, which allows for more natural scrolling by swiping your thumb in a fan shape, and can be changed between righthanded and lefthanded controls. What39;s more, you can display in list, icon or catalog form, and use each for different purposes corresponding to the application scene. CUI ModeTerminalTerminal operation is avairable. Usable command is depends on the device. File operation via flickAllows file operation using flicks. You can perform operations on files and folders using 4 different directional flicks. Purchasing the license key allows you to assign 8 different directions in any operation you want. Operation via gestureShaking the computing device will initiate gesture operations. Purchasing the license key allows you to assign gestures freely. Implementing nonspecific scripts are also possible. Fullfledged file operation basic functionalityCopyCutPaste or new folder creation, sorting by file namesizedate created, multitask operation, file search and property displays are the fullfledged basic functions builtin. Using shared functions allows each file to be sent to other applications. ZIP File DecompressionCan decompress ZIP files and expand the archive contents Executing the APK file and Installing the ApplicationExecute the APOK file from the Android App Installer allows you to install the app. Bookmarkbookmarks can be added to each folder. You can jump to the desired folder directly. WebDAV ServerPaid optionWebDAV Server is embbed. In LAN environment, PC or devices with WebDAV client can access the files and folders in your device. This function is required to purchase the paid lisence key. Free version has the following limitation .By purchasing license key, the following limitions are unlocked. Customize 8 direction flick operation Customize gesture operation WevDAV Server function Ads are displayed Supported OS OSAndroid ELECOM Apps Web Site http:app.elecom.co.jpen Twitter http:twitter.comELECOMApps Facebook http:www.facebook.comELECOM.Applications



Versi: 1.1

Butuh: Android2.1 or later


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