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Countrypedia lists all countries (including a few independent territories) with details like:
- Flag
- Capital with latitude and longitude coordinates
- Currency
- Area
- National anthem with year of acceptance and writer
- Important national dates
- Languages
- Calling code
- Denonym
- Timezone
- Government Type
- ISO 3166 Code
- Other information like national animal, bird, sport, emblem, airline, poets, dishes, liquors, internet tld, etc.
Test your knowledge with the most addictive quiz on country flags and capitals. What's more - share the test score among your friends!
With Countrypedia, one can locate the country capital on Google Maps as well.
One can search a country based on capital, currency, area (including area rank in the world), denonym, calling code, timezone, language, continent; and vice-versa.
It provides filtering on any of the above criteria.
In short, Countrypedia is the most handy application for all the basic and some advanced information of a country. If you do like it, we request you to please share it among your friends and colleagues using the share icon.



Versi: 3.0

Butuh: Android3.0 or later


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