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Beauty Tips contains the top interesting and useful beauty tips -- concisely written for quick and easy review.
These beauty tips are carefully referenced from the top beauty experts around -- from makeup artists to nutritionists, from medical doctors to registered dietitians. Learn from their wisdom. And enjoy!
Beauty Tips may cover the following beauty topics:
- Skin Care Tips
- Hair Care Tips
- Nail Care Tips
- Lip Tips
- Eye Care Tips
- Eye Makeup Tips
- Eyebrows Tips
- Beauty Foods Tips
*Mistakes That Age you (part 1 to 3).
*Get Flawless Skin Naturally.
*How Often Should You Really Wash Your Hair?
*Beauty experts address your most bewildering beauty issues
*Ways to FINALLY Lose Stubborn Belly Fat
*Natural Hair care- to keep your hair , healthy, shiny and strong.
*Skin care Remedies
*get Flawless Skin.
* Secrets from experts that few people ever know about...
*Read it anywhere no Internet needed
*Sharing any content from this app through e-mail and SMS is available. Share your favorite tips with your friends and contacts.
This app does not contain all beauty tips,otherwise you will discover the best of the tips.
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