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Optimize the speed of your android device today with Android Speed Booster.
Give your device more memory for faster applications and smooth experience.
With this application,you can clear all your application cache and kill
all background tasks that are using memory in the background.Clear memory
for your device today and make it lightening fast.
-Clear all your applications cache in one click;
-Clear all background tasks in one click;
-Enable automatic clearing of cache in your device
-Enable automatic cleaning of memory and killing tasks;
-Enable automatic checking of cache in your device;
-Enable automatic checking of background applications in your device;
-Clean memory of applications individually;
-Set maximum cache limit for cache alerts and cache cleaning to start;
-Set maximum memory limit for memory alerts and memory cleaning to start;
-Choice to enable and disable automatic cache and memory cleaning;
-more options when application is choose;
Free your memory today and have a faster device !



Versi: 1.3

Butuh: Android2.2 or later


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