WiFizer - wifi file sharing

WiFizer - wifi file sharing

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WiFizer - fast, secure, efficient & free way to share files between Android devices over wireless local area networks (wifi).
WiFizer is not your typical file sharing program. WiFizer is a fast, secure, easy, and efficient way to share files between Android™ devices. WiFizer utilizes local wireless networks to share files by turning your Android device into a file sharing server.
WiFizer uses an efficient access control mechanism. There are three entities: users, groups, and files. Users are authorized devices that access the server. A User can be a member of one or more groups. A File can be shared with one or more groups. For example, a file shared with a group called “Family” can be accessed by all members of the “Family” group.
Why WiFizer is different?

Access control
— The only Android app turning your device into a file sharing server with true access control. Only authorized users can access your server. Authorized users can only view what you allow them to access. Also, users can be blocked from accessing your server.

— Unlike other file sharing apps, all communications are protected with a high-grade SSL to protect your privacy by encrypting all transmitted data before it leaves your device (The same strength of encryption when you access your bank account online). Be aware, most file sharing apps do not utilize any form of encryption.
WiFizer is bundled with the highest security standards providing confidentiality, authentication, and data integrity protecting against network eavesdroppers.

No more slow Bluetooth
— WiFizer utilizes wireless networks for high speed file transfer.

— One tap and your WiFizer server appears in the network. Also, one tap and a user connects to your server. No passwords involved. No more pushing files to individual devices one by one. No more exposing all of your data just to share a few files. No more looking up and typing an IP address every time you share something.
Additional Features

Protective sharing
— WiFizer makes sure only the originally shared file is accessible. If the original file contents were modified, the file will not be downloadable until you take action (by approving/removing the sharing of the file). This ensures that you are NOT accidentally sharing a file you do not mean to share.

Share any type of file
— WiFizer enables you to share any type of file.

Share with multiple
— WiFizer allows multiple users to connect to the WiFizer server at the same time.
When there is no wireless network around, WiFizer can be used over a device’s built-in wireless access point (hotspot). Please note that WiFizer is NOT a hotspot enabler app. Instead, WiFizer utilizes wireless networks to share files.
Supported languages:
• Arabic العربية
• English
The WiFizer team is committed to your satisfaction. If you have any feedback, suggestions or comments please contact us. If you want the app translated to your native language, please contact us and we will be more than happy to work with you.
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WiFizer 1.2.1
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- Android 2.2 is no longer supported due to bugs in the Android 2.2 OS preventing SSL from working.
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